About Us

Mistress Moose Soap Company is a family based business with every member big and small playing a part!

It was born one fateful Christmas morning when Leah, our Head Moose, was presented with a book on Soap making.

Later that week when a plethora of supplies arrived, our first batch of soap was born! It was a beer soap and it smelled like frankincense. It was also hideous, but we were so proud. Everyone we knew got a bar too! Lo and behold it was actually pretty good stuff!

Fast forward a couple years, and several batches of more successful soap later, we attempted our first few craft sales (mostly to just fund the obsession with making more soap!) and realized we had something special happening. Not only did we really like making soap, people liked buying it and using it! Heck they even called it BEAUTIFUL!

Five years later our product list has grown to include so much more than just soap, but I promise we still make every single product with the same excitement and wonder that we did that fateful night years ago!